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Jul 30, 2018

One of the biggest trends in recent years (amidst several others) is DevOps, and the wide proliferation of tools used by DevOps professionals can be highly intimidating to someone just trying to understand what problems DevOps professionals actually solve and what role they play in an organization’s day-to-day operations.

I recently read an article on TopTotal’s engineering blog that was really enlightening about DevOps, especially since I was starting to think in a much similar manner myself.

Jul 27, 2018

For security reasons, the actual web services involved in this will not be named, so for the sake of this article I will invent a fictional online game store, called Theseus Games (TG) (

I recently tried to buy a new game from TG which unfortunately was only available to Premium members (TG has two membership levels, Basic and Premium), and the Premium membership was expensive as hell. I bit my nails for a while and wondered what I could do since my future happiness seriously depended on playing several hours of said game as soon as possible. Then I realized, shit, I’m a software engineer and I decided to see if I could just play around with TG’s services for a while and just see how things worked.

Jun 16, 2018

I don’t really read poems but once in a while, I come across some lines that just keep ringing in my head without letting go. This one, Ozymandias (1818) by Percy Shelley (if the name rings familiar, his wife is Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein) was featured in Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond who is a favorite author of mine.

In Collapse, Prof. Diamond examines the collapse of several societies both past and present, and how they made choices that led to their ruin. The book appropriately opens with Ozymandias:

Jun 20, 2016

You can’t have escaped the headlines, media reports, television coverage and all the talk on the rise in the applications of artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. You might be surprised to know that machine learning has been around for decades. However, the field has only recently began to get increasing media attention as a result of the huge amounts of data available today, and increase in computational powers available.

Apr 20, 2016

Technology improved communication then destroyed it. In my father’s early days, you would get off a public bus with new friendships forged. People would care about strangers, helping was easy. People loved making new friends. Couples enjoyed each other's companies, no technology to help them. Technology has destroyed human interactions and social skills.