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I am not a psychologist, this article reflects my own humble opinion.

I have tutored a lot of people in the past – school mates, fellow computer scientists and others. I’ve done so in classrooms, hackathons, and hostels. I love sharing knowledge, especially when I know how hard it was for me to acquire them.

However, what has been a constant source of annoyance to me is the widespread belief in ‘slow’  and ‘fast’  brains. I know everyone is created differently, and intellectual abilities differ, but Usain Bolt did not stop running because he was not born a cheetah. I would really enjoy a discussion on differences in intellectual abilities, but not when it is used as an excuse to stop moving forward.

We have all got a race to run, and some arrive on the field thoroughly equipped, some don’t. You don’t sit on your ass just because things aren’t as easy for you as they are for others; you push harder. I have made a promise to myself to stop any tutoring session the moment my tutee tries to justify how much of a slow learner he is than the rest of the world.

When you’re running the race, don’t dwell on just how ill-equipped you are and don’t compare yourself to others. Sweat as much as the well-toned girl in brand new boots running beside you. Run the race as if equipment don’t matter, because they truly don’t.

Remember: In life, you’re either crawling forward or sliding backward. There’s no ‘stable’. There’s no middle ground.

No middle ground.