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About Me

My name is Oyekunle Elijah PlayMice. I'm a Computer Programmer. I was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria.

I live to help build the world we want to exist in. I love learning about innovative ideas that might change the world for our generation or generations to come, and love interacting with the people who bring them to life.

When I'm not working, I enjoy the simple things. Watching a good movie with friends and family, reading fiction and non-fiction or listening to music.

I enjoy writing. Writing, in many ways, pushes me to think; writing is my process to flesh out my ideas. I use this blog to think out loud in a public space, and to start conversations with people thinking about the same topics. I write opinion pieces about national issues, books, web development and computer programming.

I tweet from @PlayMyce and can be contacted through the contact form.



    January 2015

    Young Baron gives start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate bodies a platform on the internet where they can 'let the word out' about (publicize) what they do, giving each business a customized web address to which potential customers, investors and others can be referred, to learn about your business.

  • Throne of Pals

    May 2015

    Throne Of Pals offers an online yearbook (or repository of memories — that's what yearbooks are anyway) to you (your graduating set, small group or dispersing clique). On Throne Of Pals, you can create a yearbook for any organization you belong to and invite your fellows to join the yearbook, thus you'd keep precious memories for many years to come.

  • FUTA CBE Application

    April 2015

    Get yourself prepared for Computer-based tests(Exams) of the Federal University of Technology, Akure right from your mobile device. This app contains tonnes of questions for you to test your competence, assess your performance and ultimately improve on your preparedness.



Volunteer Experience

  • Student Volunteer at ILO

    January 2014 - July 2014 (7 months)

    I was an official in my school's SCREAM (Supporting Children's Rights through Education, Arts And The Media) club, a project of IPEC, a department of the ILO. We carried out lots of awareness campaign and sensitization programs to educate people about the ills, forms, and dangers of child labour. I was very active on the team.